Intercom System for Student Complexes

For a student complex, flexible access is a godsend. The composition changes frequently, which normally makes key management a time-consuming chore. With Openr, everything is taken care of immediately: the video intercom, as well as ringing and granting access. A suitable solution for a young target group!

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Opening your room with your smartphone

Students can use the app to enter the building and their studio. If you lose your phone, your profile can easily be blocked, preventing unauthorised access. Granting remote access is also convenient! For example, when you are not at home, you can open the door for a parcel deliverer and instruct them to deliver the parcel to your neighbours.


Even more advantages of the Openr intercom:

  • Visitor and resident greet each other personally via video call on the intercom.
  • No more hassle with lost keys and insecure entrance doors.
  • Openr works wirelessly. No unnecessary costs for cables and indoor stations.

Samenwerking CES

We collaborate with various parties to find the ideal solution for our customers and end-users. Our products are easy to link with third parties. So too in the collaboration between CES and Openr. In this total solution, the Openr intercoms are integrated with the CESeasy/ OmegaFlex locks. Students can easily and securely enter their student complex from the central Openr App.

In opdracht van Strukton Worksphere voor Campus Vastgoed Greenport Venlo hebben wij de CESeasy in een mooi studentencomplex in Venlo geïnstalleerd. In dit gerenoveerde pand hebben wij 2 Openr intercoms en 28 CESeasy motorcilinders en communicatiemodules geplaatst.

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Daily Users:

10.000 +


200 +

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