Child day care access control

A nursery has to deal with a lot of regulations regarding the safety of the children present. And rightly so, because a nursery should be a safe environment and residence. Parents must be able to trust that their children are in good hands. The GGD checks nurseries and includes child safety in their inspections.



Forms of access control

Virtually all nurseries have some form of access control at the entrance, ensuring that unauthorised persons can never just enter the nursery.

The importance of proper access control at the entrance of a nursery is clear:

  • Preventing unauthorised persons from entering the nursery.
  • Preventing children from going outside. This is an added benefit, as security is aimed at preventing unauthorised people from entering from outside.
  • Smooth and pleasant flow of parents coming to bring their child(ren)
Access-as-a-Service; betaalbare toegangsverlening voor elk kantoorconcept

Key management and inventory

In the case of a nursery, an inventory of visitors, parents, suppliers, etc. is the first important link.
This inventory is dynamic and constantly updated. For example, when a new child is registered at the nursery or grandparents or neighbours come to pick up a child.

With Openr’s online (key) management system, you can update these changes yourself easily, quickly and immediately. This keeps your access up to date and avoids keys or codes lying around. Digital keys can be used or removed immediately. A temporary visitor link can also be created to provide access for a specific day or period. In case of calamities, it can always be checked who had access to the building. This combines convenience and security.


What is the best access security?

A wireless intercom system with video is a good form of control, especially an intercom with video ensures good security.

Openr combines a video intercom with flexible access control in one system. Whether you are at the coffee machine or in one of the groups, you can speak to the parents, cleaning or suppliers on screen and open the door from any location at the touch of a button.

During fixed pick-up and drop-off times, parents can enter the building with their own digital key or access code. Then the intercom is only used by authorised visitors, avoiding unnecessary strain on staff and enabling parents to take the children to the right group. Our system is also suitable for running alongside other forms of security, such as camera security.

All details at a glance?

Find out all about the wireless intercom, door opener, app and dashboard in our brochure.

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