Intercom system for Apartments

Imagine being a resident of an apartment complex and being able to open doors via your phone. Visitors ring through the intercom at the front door. The intercom communicates directly to your phone wirelessly. A simple press of a button opens the door for visitors. Easy for the user and the manager, right? We thought so too!

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Suitable from a minimum of 10 flats

Residents can in fact open the door for visitors and deliverers from any location. From the supermarket or from under an umbrella in the Bahamas. This also eliminates the need for parcel deliverers to turn around when a recipient is not at home. Returning visitors – such as a service or caregiver – can access at set times and days. The district nurse who comes to provide daily care no longer has to ring the doorbell and the cleaner can start a work shift effortlessly. Opening doors remotely has never been easier.


Even more advantages of the Openr intercom:

  • Visitor and resident greet each other via video call on the intercom. So visitors can always count on a warm welcome.
  • You open doors with the Openr app. So you no longer need keys!
  • Openr works wirelessly. Saves the cost of (re)laying cables.

Daily Users:

10.000 +


200 +

All details at a glance?

Find out all about the wireless intercom, door opener, app and dashboard in our brochure.


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